Assistant Professor of Anatomy, CMU

Zachary Klukkert

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I am a biological anthropologist interested in the evolution of primates and how these animals have interacted with their environments through time. Specifically, my research explores the functional anatomy that relates to feeding and the paleobiology and extinction of primate communities in the Caribbean and Madagascar. I have just begun my new position as an assistant professor of Anatomy at Central Michigan University College of Medicine, where I will teach foundational sciences to medical students as I did previously during my postdoctoral position at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution


An essential part of my work involves communicating with the public what we're learning from research into the recently extinct primates and the changes that affected their habitats. In line with this goal, my colleagues and I contributed to the 2019 documentary "When Whales Walked" available now to watch on PBS.com and iTunes. Forbes Science, Outside Magazine, and 7Días News in the Dominican Republic have also reported on aspects of this work. Finally, I am assisting with presenting new insights to the public in the countries that host my fieldwork with new and expanded museum and visitor center exhibits. 





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